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Cover of The 2015 Prairie Garden

Front cover photo: Fran Wersher - (top to bottom) Imperata cylindrical ‘Red Baron’ blood grass, Graptosedum, Echeveria ’Perle Von Nurnburg’ and Echeveria ‘Arika’ 


  • Grasses and Succulents by Jane Reksten
  • Why Grow Ornamental Grasses? by Tammy Jensen
  • Hardy But Underused Ornamental Grasses by Sara Williams
  • Ornamental Grasses, One Year at a Time. An Annual Option! by John Moore
  • Native Grasses for Your Prairie Garden by June Flanagan
  • Big Bluestem - Provincial Grass of Manitoba by Jeannie Gilbert and Elizabeth Punter
  • Time to Cut the Grass by Craig Gillespie
  • Propagation of Grass by Dr. Steven Tannas & Eileen Tannas
  • Tame Grass Species Suitable for Low Maintenance Lawns and Turf by Dr. Steven Tannas and Kathy Tannas
  • Using Native Grasses as Lawn Replacements by Dr. Steven Tannas & Kathy Tannas
  • A Perennial Affair: Finding Grasses that Love the Cold Zones by Holly Rupert
  • Diseases of Lawn Grasses: Causes, Controls and Prevention by Jeannie Gilbert
  • Invasive Ornamental Grasses by Craig Gillespie
    Dogs and Grass – a Veterinarian’s Perspective by Ken L. Mould
  • Question and Answers: The Gravel Lawn by Anna Thurmayr
  • Value of Manitoba Grasses by Juanita Kopp


  • Succulents - An Overview by Susanne Olver
  • Low Maintenance Gardening with Succulents by William Dowie
  • Succulent Propagation by Johannes Olwage
  • Succulents Have Character by Shea Doherty
  • Pass the Salt Shaker! Manitoba’s Salt-loving Succulent Red Samphire by Diana Bizecki Robson
  • Winterizing Tender Succulents by Marilyn N. Dudek
  • Living Stones – Little Jewels by Susanne Olver
  • Wintering and Pest-Control for Succulents by Shea Doherty


  • It’s Always Summer in The Peace Garden by Johannes Olwage
  • Where Do I Grow Thee Alpine? Show Me the Ways! by Amanda Botincan
  • Zoned Out?  Get over it! by Morgan Webb
  • strong>Think Inside the box!  by Mick Manfield
  • Eat off your Balcony - Gardening without a Garden by Arlene Ortiz (Wheeler)
  • Do You Know Your Vegetables? by Ieaun Evans
  • Meadow Voles by Craig Gillespie
  • Peonies: Perennial Favorites by Brian Porter
  • Peonies the Terrible Travelers by Arlene Ortiz (Wheeler)
  • The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum – A Garden for All Seasons by Warren Otto
  • Children and Plants—a Winning Combination for the Future! by Lyn Kublick
  • Mind, Body, Soul and Soil -   Horticulture as Therapy by Cheryl Cohan
  • Creating a Hummingbird Garden by Michael Wiens
  • Conifers with a Difference by Sara Williams
  • Cut Flowers from the Garden by Lynn M. Collicutt
  • What’s in a Name? by Warren Otto
  • Cactus & Succulent Societies complied by Linda Pearn


The 2015 Prairie Garden

Succulents & Grasses

Tammy JensenThe guest editor for the 2015 edition is Tammy Jensen of Jensen's Nursery. Tammy has been fabulous in reaching out to her gardening network to solicit articles, as well as contributing articles herself, and her business-sense to aid The Prairie Garden's marketing efforts. Tammy has been deeply involved with all aspects of the family-run Jensen's Nursery. Tammy's love of plants, horticultural expertise and business acumen are wonderful traits she brings to the 2015 Prairie Garden.

Have a Look inside.

The Guest Editorial

When I was first asked to become guest editor for the 2015 Edition Grasses & Succulents I had no idea of all the hard work that was involved. The Prairie Garden committee members bring a vast amount of knowledge and passion into the creation of a new edition. The work that goes on behind the scenes is what makes this book so successful. Many articles are written by committee members such as Succulents – An Overview, by Susanne Olver, and Diseases of Lawn Grasses: Causes, Controls and Prevention, by Jeannie Gilbert.
My article, Why Grow Ornamental Grasses?, gives an overview of the benefits of ornamental grasses and what you need to know before you go shopping for them. Over the last ten years ornamental grasses have become a must have for gardeners! I find that people love them, but are not always sure how to use them best. Often I hear customers ask “Will this grass take over my whole garden?” Craig Gillespie’s article Invasive Ornamental Grasses, goes into more detail on invasive grasses. Bill Dowie’s article, Low Maintenance Gardening with Succulents, talks about the many uses of succulents including my favourite — fairy gardening. As succulents become more popular than ever before, the varieties available continue to grow. They can fill a planter with an assortment of textures and colours, and survive in a hot sunny spot with minimal care! They are a perfect complement to a miniature gnome or fairy garden. These miniature gardens can be created in the fall or early spring and be enjoyed indoors till gardening season has once again arrived. Then they can be moved outdoors to a table top or nestled into a secret corner. For more information on wintering succulents read Wintering and Pest-Control for Succulents by Shea Doherty.
Whether it be grass for your lawn, ornamental grasses or succulents this edition has it all! We have also included some other popular topics such as square foot gardening, balcony gardening, hummingbird gardens and horticulture as therapy.
On closing I would like to say I have been hearing for years about how great The Prairie Garden Books are! Now that I have spent a year helping create the 2015 Edition I can truly appreciate all the knowledge and information that each one of these books contain. Due to popular demand our garden centre now stocks all available editions dating back to the early eighties! That is over 30 years of gardening advice geared just for Prairie gardeners. A customer one day told me that having the entire collection of The Prairie Garden book is what gets her through the long cold winters of Winnipeg! So, I encourage you to not only read this edition, but to revisit all of our past editions! Not only are they created just for gardening on the Prairies the articles are written by Prairie gardeners.
A special thanks to our editor Richard Denesiuk and to all committee members past and present. You are the reason the 2015 Edition Grasses & Succulents will be one to remember for years to come.

Tammy Jensen


Media Release:
The 2015 Prairie Garden brings gardeners a double bill of exciting plant options for the Prairies with both succulents and grasses featured.  These two plant forms are current hot topics among gardeners and garden writers. With an eye to Prairie conditions, specialists and gardeners both present exceptional guidelines for growing and caring for these plant groups. Normally thought of as plants for warm places, succulents and cacti are amazingly suitable for the Prairies, many of them wintering well. Meanwhile numerous grasses provide a new structure and form that adds exciting interest our gardens.

Articles are written by knowledgeable contributors including horticulturalists, plant breeders, researchers and gardening enthusiasts.  Beautiful full-colour photographs are featured throughout.

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Succulent plants, also known as succulents or sometimes fat plants, are plants having some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. Succulents are grown as ornamental plants because of their striking and unusual appearance.

Grasses are usually herbaceous plants with narrow leaves growing from the base. Grasses include some of the most versatile plant life-forms. Grasses are the dominant vegetation in many habitats, including grassland, salt-marsh, reedswamp and steppes. They also occur as a smaller part of the vegetation in almost every other terrestrial habitat.


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