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About Us


A non-profit publication dedicated to the advancement of horticulture in the Prairie Provinces

The Prairie Garden is a digest-sized, soft-covered book published annually by a volunteer committee consisting of about 12-15 members. The work is organized by the Editor and an annual Guest Editor. Each year, a theme is selected from which a large portion of the articles follow. The theme articles are the responsibility of the Guest Editor, who is chosen because of his or her knowledge in the chosen subject area. The books are edited in part and as a whole by The Prairie Garden Committee, before being published each year in March. Members of the committee often write articles for the book as well as provide images, aside from their role as associate editors. These individuals are what makes this book possible, as are our sponsors, and you, our loyal readership.


The Prairie Garden Committee began in 1956 as a standing committee of the Winnipeg Horticultural Society, which had published The Winnipeg Flower Garden and The Flower Garden, the precursor of The Prairie Garden, starting in 1937. The book began as the annual report of the Winnipeg Horticultural Society, and was free to members when they paid their annual membership fees. It was first called The Winnipeg Flower Garden and included not only the official annual report of the society, but also informational articles by prominent local horticulturists of the time. The name was changed to The Flower Garden in 1955 because of the book’s ever-increasing readership. However, it was only to be called The Flower Garden for two years before becoming The Prairie Garden in 1957, once again because of its ever-broadening popularity, now extending right across the Prairies and beyond and because of it's applicability to gardening in this region in general, and not to Winnipeg in particular.
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The Prairie Garden Committee

Linda DietrickLinda Dietrick: Chair
Before her retirement in 2016, Linda was a professor of German language and literature at the University of Winnipeg. She has also been an avid gardener for over 30 years. Her garden has been featured on a number of tours. As a certified Master Gardener, she enjoys volunteering in the gardening community as well as speaking and writing about plants and garden design.

Ian Wise: Secretary
Ian's educational and working background is in entomology. After obtaining Bachelor of Science and a Master of Pest Management degree from Simon University University in Burnaby, BC, he worked as the Provincial Research Co-ordinator for Hoechst Canada in Regina for 8 years and as a research biologist at the Cereal Research Centre in Winnipeg for 25 years until retirement in 2013. At the CRC he specialized in developing economic thresholds and sequential sampling plans for insects pest on field crops, and screening wheat for resistance to insect pests. He worked with plant breeders in the development of insect resistance of spring wheat to the wheat midge. He has been an avid gardener for 35 years and grew up in BC on a small acreage where nearly all their fruit and vegetables came from their garden.

Colin Briggs: Vice-Chair
Colin is Emeritus professor of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba. His specialty is drugs of natural origin and his research has involved analytical studies on nutritional agents and potential toxic compounds in plants. Colin's interests include historical aspects of medicines and with his wife, Elizabeth, he transcribed the nineteenth century medical records of a York Factory physician. Colin is an enthusiastic gardener who enjoys the healthy exercise and relaxation associated with gardening. He is a graduate of the University of London, England.

Tammy JensenTammy Jensen: Sales
Tammy was guest editor for the 2015 edition of Jensen's Nursery. Tammy reaches out to her gardening network to solicit articles, as well as contributing articles herself, and her business-sense to aid The Prairie Garden's marketing efforts. Tammy has been deeply involved with all aspects of the family-run Jensen's Nursery. Tammy's love of plants, horticultural expertise and business acumen are wonderful traits she brings to the 2015 Prairie Garden.

Lynsey Sable: Editor
Lynsey is a writer living near Sandilands Provincial Forest on six acres of hills and marshes. She has a background in environmental science and a Diploma in Creative Communications from Red River College, Winnipeg. She raises heirloom cut flowers, perennial wildflowers and prairie grasses for market, and enjoys floral arranging and other country crafts. Her blog, “The Curated Cutting Garden”, can be found online at Heirloom Gardener magazine, and her garden photography can be found on Instagram at Broken (double underscore) Forest. She spends most of her days outside tending chickens and weeding gardens with her husband Mark and sons Oren and Arthur.

Lisa Jansen: Treasurer

Sandy VentonSandy Venton
Sandy has been gardening for over 50 years. Martagon lilies are her passion. She is the president of the North American Lily Society and secretary of the Manitoba Regional Lily Society, a lily judge, and is studying to be a Master Gardener. She lives to garden.

Andy TekauzAndy Tekauz
Andy is now ‘retired’ after a 40-year career with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Winnipeg as a research scientist (plant pathologist) working on diseases of cereal crops. He believes in TPG’s mantra of providing practical, concise, accessible, and locally-written information for prairie gardeners, and enjoys his editing duties with the publication. He has written several articles for TPG to address relevant disease issues in the garden and to relay applicable mitigation measures for these. He resides, in St. Andrews MB.   

Dave Hanson
Dave Hanson is a Winnipeg-based gardening educator and founder/co-manager of Sage Garden Greenhouses. Dave has been growing herbs and spices since his childhood and got his professional start as a teenager, working at River View Herb Farm in Maitland, Nova Scotia. Dave has been a regular contributor to local and national media, hosts a popular gardening call-in on CBC Radio and is very active as a speaker and garden blogger. Dave was guest editor of the 2017 Prairie Garden - Herbs & Spices

Warren OttoWarren Otto
has been involved in a number of capacities related to horticulture education for almost 20 years. He served as administrator of the Prairie Horticulture Certificate at the University of Manitoba from 1997 until 2010, and currently teaches Botanical Latin for the Master Gardener Program at Assiniboine Community College. When not engaged in activities related to his children, or on the home front, he is pursuing a Master of Arts in Military History.

Nataša Juck
Nataša brings over thirty years of experience, which began with Engineering degree in Horticulture from her native Czech Republic, followed by Master degree in Landscape Architecture from University of Manitoba. Her enthusiasm for understanding plants and their use in prairie landscape has been evident through her professional work, teaching, mentoring, gardening and hobby farming. Though recently retired from HTFC Planning and Design, Nataša is Life Member and Fellow of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and a member of Herb Society of Manitoba since it’s founding. She enjoys the editorial and facts checking challenges of TPG.

Rita Campbell

Cathy Shaluk

Richard Denesiuk: Web site administrator
Richard was The Prairie Garden's editor from March 2007 to December 2015 and now volunteers to work on this website. Raised in Winnipeg, he has retired from Creative Retirement Manitoba where he worked for 35 years. Richard received a B.Sc. in biology from the University of Winnipeg. He enjoys photography, the outdoors, computers and music.

Susanne Olver, Horticulturist. Since 1976
Ontario Diploma of Horticulture, University of Guelph, and member of the Order of St. John Ambulance. Trained as a horticulturist in Frankfurt, Germany, Susanne worked for 30 years at the University of Manitoba as a supervisor of the Department of Botany greenhouses.  She has lectured across Manitoba and for Continuing Education U of M and was a frequent guest of CBC Information Radio.  Other interests include reading, training, and showing prize winning German Shepherd dogs, therapy dog work, and music. 

Frances A. Wershler, Editor 1990 to 2002 issues
Fran was the Editor of The Prairie Garden for 13 years, before "retiring" to Associate Editor status in 2002. Her winning smile and confident manner speak to the joy she brings to the topic of gardening. Within the wide-ranging hobby of gardening, Fran concentrates on roses and lilies. A graduate of the Home Economics Faculty of the University of Manitoba, she worked for many years as a home economist for the Manitoba Department of Agriculture. Her variety of skills have made Fran a sought after judge of horticulture, food and clothing at summer fairs. She is involved with horticultural groups and activities in the St. James area of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she gardens with her husband Darcy. She is a regular contributor to The Prairie Garden and an avid gardener.



Click here to read a 2010 article about The
Prairie Garden Committee from the Winnipeg Free Press.

Some of the committee at the 2009 Award for Excellence lunch: (l-r) Ed Czarnecki, Jean Pomo, Colleen Zacharias, (award recipients: Ken Ivey & Brenda Cameron), Roger Brown, Reg Curle, (sitting) Susanne Olver & Linda Pearn.

Some of The Prairie Graden Committee
From left: Co-chairs Ed Czarnecki and Colleen Zacharias, Susanne Olver, Sandy Venton, Richard Denesiuk, Jean Pomo, Fran Wershler, Carla Hrycyna and Valerie Denesiuk 
(photo Boris Minkevich - Winnipeg Free Press)



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