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Coverof the 2017 Prairie Garden
2017 Herbs & Spices

Guest editor: Dave Hanson

Coverof the 2016 Prairie Garden
2016 Fruit & Berries

Guest editor: Bob Bors

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Floral Artistry for Beginners
Floral Artistry for Beginners

A free Acrobat Reader file of a 1972 publication on flower arranging

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of The Prairie Garden 2017 back to 1977

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2015 2015 Succulents & Grasses
Guest editor: Tammy Jensen
2014 Gardens
75th Anniversary Edition
2013 Prairie Garden - Perennials cover
2013 Perennials

Guest editor: Jane Reksten

The 2012 Prairie Garden

2012 Prairie Garden - Trees
Guest editor: Rick Durand

The 2011 Prairie Garden cover

2011 - Healthy Gardening
The Prairie Garden Committee

2010 -Annuals and Biennials
Guest Editor:  Carla Hrycyna

2009 - Shrubs
Guest Editor: Philip Ronald
Table of Contents

2008 - Roses

Guest Editor: Paul Olsen
Table of Contents

2007 -The Edible Landscape
Guest Editor: Jim Kohut, Northscaping.com
Table of Contents

2006 - Myth, Magic & Meditation
Guest Editor: Stefan Fediuk, Northscaping.com
Table of Contents

2005 - Lilies
Guest Editors: Jennifer Bishop & Barbara-Jean (BJ) Jackson,
Manitoba Regional Lily Society
Table of Contents

2004 - Pleasing Prairie Places
INDEX 1999 to 2003
Guest Editor: Robert (Bob) Golinoski, Prairie Garden Committee Member
Table of Contents

 2003 - Themes & Extremes
Guest Editor: Linda Stilkowski, Winnipeg Free Press Gardening Columnist
Table of Contents


 2002 - Landscape Design
Guest Editor: Roger Brown, Prairie Garden Committee Member
Table of Contents

 2001 - Container Gardening
Guest Editor: Chris Tarrant, Assiniboine Park Conservatory
Table of Contents

 2000 - Herbs
Guest Editor: David Hanson, Sage Garden Herbs
Table of Contents
(sold out)

 1999 - Perennials - INDEX
Guest Editor: Brian Duncan, St. Mary's Nursery & Garden Center
Table of Contents

 1998 - Prairie Trees
Guest Editor: Rick Durand, Jeffries Nurseries

 1997 - Propagation


 1996 - New Themes in Prairie Landscapes

 1995 - Accessible Gardening
Guest Editor: Phil Graham

 1994 - Xeriscaping (Gardening in Dry Conditions)
Guest Editor: Sara Williams (sold out)

 1993 - Garden Herbs
Guest Editor: Lorraine Loptson
(sold out)

 1992 - Garden Oddities

(sold out)

 1991 - Sustainable Landscaping
Guest Editor: JoAnne Joyce
(Sold outy)

 1990 - Bulbs & Perennials

 1989 - 50 Years of Prairie Garden
(sold out)

 1988 - Gardening Indoors

 1987 - Perennials on the Prairies
(sold out)

 1986 - New Ideas

 1985 - Large Area Gardening

1984 -
(Sorry, Sold Out)

 1983 - Better Living Through Gardening

 1982 - New Concepts, Gardening in Winter
(sold out)

 1981 - Native Heritage
(sold out)

 1980 - Mostly Trees & Shrubs

 1979 - Mostly Annuals
(sold out)

 1978 - Gardening Hints
(sold out)

 1977 - Indoor Gardening & Flower Arranging - INDEX


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